Unstoppable Core: Fast & Easy Video Distribution Method

Teacher: Kit Elliott - Module: The Famous $13.95 Unstoppable Setup

In the video above, I walk you through how to cloak your affiliate links & how to secure  your site with a simple plugin installation.  Let’s get started…

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When you upload any template, count to six.  If the site doesn’t refresh, then, RELOAD the page.  You’re not going to break anything, you’re manually just reloading the page & trying again.  

Then, check My Template for the new uploaded templates.  To the right, press insert & you’ll see the new pro template!

Check the Full Width setting by clicking on “Edit Page” at the very top middle.  Then, look at the right for the Default Template & select FULL WIDTH template.  Update or publish the changes & check again.

Click on Edit Page at the top middle & scroll down to check the page settings.  Make sure your header is disabled because your theme already has the header.  Press update & check the page again.

Click on EDIT WITH ELEMENTOR at the very top.  Click on the blue pencil edit box in the upper-right corner of the button.  You’ll see the LINK to the left.

Add your Affiliate Link.

Check the gear settings to the right of that.  I recommend checking the NO FOLLOW link & leaving the OPEN IN NEW WINDOW unchecked.

OPEN IN NEW WINDOW = Do not check it because you really want to guide your visitors to check out the sales page & buy immediately.

Yes!  That’s really the benefit of the training.  You’ll hold on to the lifelong skills that will help you build pages in minutes, connect with an audience AND start building commissions with most ANY niche and most ANY product.

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